Sharpies and Sticky Notes

After a frazzled, frenzied week, a sweet bouquet of flowers is a treat.

Hello again, my lovelies. I hope you are all well and safe. Another week has passed and although it was a bit emotionally taxing, I was rewarded with a sweet quiet of flowers from my daughter. I’ve decided that even the most terrible book deserves some credit for the grueling task of managing a re-write. Working on a rough draft is a passionate endeavor. It’s full of big ideas and scene writing marathons. A re-write, on the other hand, is tedious and full of big deletions and micro-edits. Although I’ve only made it through five chapters so far (twenty-two more to go), I still feel a sense of accomplishment. My editing process is full of Sharpies and Sticky Notes and dog eared pages. I made a second outline, so my edits would stick to the trail of thoughts I created after reading my rough draft. Here I gladly work one chapter at a time to hopefully bring you a story you’ll love, because ultimately writing is not only for me, but for you. So, while I continuing to spend my days being my best self at my day job, enjoying my family, and plugging away at my writing career, I wish you all an amazing week.

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