What is it that makes a great mystery? Is it the characters? Do you crave characters to love, or characters you love to hate? Maybe it’s the setting. A creepy old house or an empty parking lot can both build suspense. Perhaps it’s the crime itself. What would you do if you had nothing left to lose? What if you had everything to lose?

The Setting

In any great story, the setting can be just as important as the mystery itself. There is intrigue behind every locked door, beyond any forbidden passage, and lurking within all the shadows.

The Suspects

Sometimes there are too many suspects, and then there are times when there is no discernible suspect. Untangling a mystery could have you walking with the enemy.

The Crime

For love or money, they always say, and it is quite often the truth. The crime itself is a clue to the criminal. Whether it be a scandalous love affair, a heist, or murder, the crime is what pulls you into the mystery. Why did it happen? Who did it?